Backline Hire Packages

Thank you for considering Sydney PA & Speaker Hire.

Sydney PA & Speaker Hire also has a backline hire department. We hire Guitar amps, Bass amps, Drum kits, Keyboard amps, musicial equipment & instruments.

The following prices are based upon Sydney rates, please contact Sydney Pa & Speaker hire if you require pricing outside of the Sydney Metro area.

Bass Amplification
1 x Gallien Krueger 1001RB Amp + Aguilar GS410 Cabinet
Our Price: $ 175 (Includes Delivery & Pickup)

Guitar Amplification

1 x Fender Frontman 212
Our Price: $ 150 (Includes Delivery & Pickup)

Keyboard Amplification

1 x Mackie Srm450
Our Price: $ 150 (Includes Delivery & Pickup)

Drum Kit
 1 x Pearl Session Series 5 piece Kit + Zildjian Cymbals x 4
Our Price: $ 250 (Includes Delivery & Pickup)